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Your Unique Wall Art Decoration Options

Our all wall art designs are created by 7 major components:

1-) Art
2-) Back plate
3-) LED lights, light diffuser edge, & light diffuser middle plate
4-) IR or smart LED light controller options.
5-) Metal plate for art
6-) Wall art size
7-) Power options

You can order any completed design from our metal arts page directly. Or we can create a unique art piece for your needs. You have a lot of options for the 7 major components listed above.

1-) Art

1A) Default: All of our art pieces are unique. You can’t find our designed products anywhere else.
1B) You can add or subtract on our designs.
1C) If the wall art design is categorized under HUMAN title, we can change the person in the art work to be you or someone else.
1D) If you designed your art, we can built it for you.
1E) We can work together to create a unique design for your branding or business.

2-) Back plate

2A) Default: MDF or oak, black finish.
2B) You can choose your back plate wood, plastic, or metal. For some art, you can eliminate the back plate.
2C) You can choose any color or finishing for your wall art’s back plate.

3-) Light diffuser edge

3A) Default: All our metal wall art comes with a light diffuser edge and a light diffuser middle plate. These are necessary to create good light diffusion.  Those elements stop the hot light spots and create a unique look.
3B) We don’t recommend it, but you can eliminate the light diffuser edge on some art pieces.

4-) IR or smart LED light controller

4A) Default: Our all art pieces come with LED lights. Each art piece has over 15 color options. You can change and manage the colors with an IR controller. Even you can adjust the brightness or some other effects.
4B) You can control your metal wall art illumination with your smart phone.
4C) We can adjust the lights to match with music rhythms or any sound.
4D) You can purchase any wall art without illumination.

5-) Metal plate for art

5A) Default: Metal materials differ for each art piece. Please check the your chosen art’s specifications.
5B) Your unique wall art can be built with steel, stainless steel, copper, silver, or aluminum.
5C) The finishing color depends on your chosen metal material. Any color is available for our artwork. You can go with all palette colors, metallic, gold, silver, copper, shiny black, stainless steel, etc.

6-) Metal wall art size

6A) Default: Overall dimensions are different for each art piece. Please check your chosen art’s specifications.
6B) We can build your unique wall art with different dimensions. We can do a full wall piece or we can provide a 10”x 10” design on your table or wall.

7) Power management

7A) Default: All of our models are powered by a 12-volt adaptor. An adaptor male jack is connected to the art’s female jack. That connection creates an extra length to reach the plug. It is easy to replace also.
7B) Some of our art pieces can be powered by batteries. We recommend that option for small models.
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Stainless steel-chrome-nichel-metal-art-finishings

Stainless steel-chrome-nichel-metal-art-finishings