Wall Metal Art Materials and Finishing Options

 Our modern wall art designs have unlimited finishing options. We commonly use stainless steel and steel. For your specific needs, we can manufacture our designs in silver, copper, gold, or mirrored wall art.

This does not mean that, to get gold finishing, you need to use a real bronze plate. Either one is possible. If you would like to get silver, gold, bronze, black metal, antique silver, or black nickel, we will apply plating progress on our custom metal wall decorations. You can get an idea of the look from the side images. Your options are unlimited.

Maybe you would like to go with any metallic color. This is possible with any of our custom designs.

Other common colors like red, blue, turquoise, white, black, orange, green, or pink metal wall arts  are available for your unique creation.

Depending on the finishing color options, we can offer the best plate material like steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. Please contact us for your special requirements.
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Stainless steel-chrome-nichel-metal-art-finishings

Stainless steel-chrome-nichel-metal-art-finishings